South Valley Chivas Academy

South Valley Chivas – Visalia tryouts player selection

First and foremost we would like to take the time to thank every single player who showed up and participated in our Visalia tryouts.

The following is a list of players who were selected to form part of our 2017-18 South Valley Chivas Visalia teams:

South Valley Chivas Navy B02
Head Coach: Juan Moya
Asst. Coach: Nick Pritchett

Bahr IV, August
Balcazar, Jesus
Bonilla, Aaron
Brambila, Izaac
Camarillo, Tyler
Canales, Nickolaus
Contreras, Fabian
DeLuna, Azriel
Enriquez, Jesus
Gonzalez, Raul
Harmon, Reese
Minnick, William
Moya, Ryan
Phan, Stanley
Pritchett, Nolan
Riddington, Bryson
Rogers, Noah

South Valley Chivas Red B02
Head Coach: Victor Del Rio

Auginaga, Tristan
Casillas, Gael
Garza, Christopher
Huaracha, Eduardo
Limon, Brian
Martinez, Jesus
Macfarlane, Aiden
Melendez, Isaac
Munoz, Devon
Peters, Jack
Rosales, Jimmy
Rosales, Jose
Santos, Jacob
Unholz, Reed
Villalobos, Oscar

If you were selected your assigned coach will be calling you in the next couple of weeks to give you more information about registering and team practices.