South Valley Chivas Academy
Davis Legacy Boys College Showcase Champs

Davis Legacy Boys College Showcase Champs

After numerous epic games for our newly formed South Valley Chivas 04B team, they would be crowned champions of the U16 Premier Division (top flight) of the Davis Legacy Boys College Showcase.

The journey to the championship would start on Friday July 19 with their first game by defeating MVLA River Plate NPL (ranked #28) by 5-1. Down a couple of players with injuries for their second game the team would be handed it only defeat by Milan BK Elite 4-2. Still in contention the team would rebound on Saturday morning by defeating Sacramento United NPL by 4-1 which put them into the quarterfinals against Placer United NPL ranked #4. That game turned into a back and forth and the Chivas would prevail with the minimum score of 1-0 which put them into the semifinals on Sunday against Napa United NPL ranked #2. In an epic comeback after being down 3-0 at the half the team would answer back in the second half with 7 unanswered goals which would set the stage for the Chivas team to square off in the final against Davis Legacy Red NPL.

In the final against a much stronger and taller squad the Chivas would not be intimated and would strike first before Davis would equalize the score 1-1 at the half. In the second half the Chivas would get a second win and would strike with 3 unanswered goals to claim the top spot of the 2019 edition of the Davis Legacy Boys College Showcase.

Tournament individual player awards would be handed out by the tournament committee and Alan Gutierrez would be name Top Player Of The Tournament. Chivas players Gutierrez, Erick Rincón, Elmer Carballo and Abram Angeles would all be name to the best starting 11 of the tournament.